9 Reasons You Should Hire Me To Be Your Virtual Assistant

You may be wondering, how can a virtual assistant help me and my business? Well, below I write about quite a few ways we could work together.

I’ve been doing virtual assisting tasks for years on a part-time basis. But, I’ve recently decided to focus more on this kind of work because I enjoy it and it’s meaningful to my clients.

Since 2009, I have run my own small business, so I know the struggle of having a never-ending to-do list. As a virtual assistant, I get to help people who are in a similar position. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I’d love to help you.

how can a virtual assistant help me

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While running my own small photography business since 2009, I’ve learned a lot of skills.

This has taught me first-hand about the overwhelm that small business owners face. I’d like to be your buoy, keeping you not only afloat, but ahead of your targets.

What can a virtual assistant do for business owners? Virtual assistant, or VA for short, is an umbrella term for a person who supports business owners with a wide range of administrative services that are performed remotely. And this is what I do.

I’m a hard worker with a positive outlook, and I would love to listen to your ideas and help you refine them. With me working on the projects you’ve assigned, you would have the breathing room to focus on creating a substantial forward movement in your business.

Is there really any crossover between owning a photography business and being a virtual assistant?


Ok, I guess I’ll go into more detail than that. 😉 Owning my own business has taught me how to do online research, create email list-building freebies, automated email campaigns, landing pages, manage social media and Pinterest, write, edit and format blog posts, and much more. I know these skills can help other small business owners, writers, and creatives.

Looking for reasons to hire me as your virtual assistant? Here are a few facts about me:

  • I’m dependable

If I say I will do something, I will. I stick to my deadlines.

  • I’m a resourceful problem-solver

As an artist, I am comfortable coming up with creative solutions for the problems in your business. If I have never done something before, I will invest time in understanding how to do it or find someone better suited to help you.

  • I’m a clear communicator and good listener

I will listen carefully to your needs before I start work. In most cases, I have a weekly 30-minute catch-up with my clients. It gives us a chance to review any previously completed work, discuss modifications, and outline other upcoming projects.

I also send emails to keep my clients informed and I use online tools like Google Calendar, Asana (a calendar program), and Trello (a project management system), etc., to clearly manage everything. It also offers my clients a visual way to keep apprised about what I am working on.

  • I am a self-starter

Once I know more about your business goals and values, I will be comfortable working independently on projects that benefit your business. I am always available for discussion but I understand that many business owners need someone who they can trust to make good decisions.

Occasionally, I will also have suggestions for how to better manage particular projects, which I will share with you. I am open to change, and flexible.

Do you have good ideas but no time to bring them into effect?

Maybe you would like to leverage your unique knowledge to create an online course, but you’re not sure where to host the lessons.

Or perhaps, you’re considering carrying a new product but you need help sourcing materials.

I love doing research for my clients. I will search for information online or reach out to companies by email to get more information for you to make informed decisions.

Maybe you have to focus on day-to-day tasks that keep your business running, but that often leaves you without time to explore new ideas? As a virtual assistant, I have worked extensively with certain programs, and I have a streamlined approach which allows me to accomplish tasks quickly. No reinventing the wheel.

Hand off your Pinterest account to me, for example, and while I grow it, you can focus on growing your business.

how can a virtual assistant help me

how can a virtual assistant help me

Some recent Pinterest wins on behalf of a client.

More about social media and Pinterest (which is more like a search engine)

Social media can catapult your sales or get your brand in front of more eyes. However, it often takes long-term strategy and patience to see results.

Creating content, scheduling posts and keeping up with comments can create a major time suck. Also, if you spend the time it takes trying to understand constantly changing best practices and developing a content calendar, you run the risk of getting behind on other important work.

Let me handle social media or Pinterest for you.

Still thinking how can a virtual assistant help me? Below are some of the other specific ways I can help.

Checking off your to-do list

You have a lot of important things to focus on to keep your life and business running smoothly. I can take care of checking many of your daily to-do items off your list so you can focus on doing the work fundamental to moving you forward.

Below is a list of some of the services I offer. Don’t see something here? Ask me by email, and we can talk more about it. Or click here to schedule a free consultation.

Social Media

Growing a channel: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
Creating original content (graphics, copy, etc.)
Sourcing and scheduling shareable content for your social media channels
Building your community, interacting with and responding to your followers
Researching hashtags, competitors, and trends

Graphic Services

Creating graphics and marketing materials for social media or the web using my unique library of stock photographs or your own images

Editing Documents and Blogging

Checking grammar, readability, and clarity
Formatting blog articles
Sourcing images and creating graphics

Email and Communications

Creating email marketing campaigns and newsletters
Responding to inquiries and problems
Email appointment-setting
Outreach and networking (creating connections, fostering relationships with potential clients, etc.)

how can a virtual assistant help me

A few notes about the difference between working with me versus a traditional employee

  1. As a virtual assistant, I am an independent contractor. I work remotely and on my own schedule.
  2. I am also an adept communicator and I promptly communicate with my clients as needed.
  3. You will not be responsible for office supplies or purchasing my computer–I come to the job with all my own supplies. Occasionally, however; I may ask you to buy a specific program online which will help me complete work help me be more productive. Of course, we discuss these purchases beforehand. As an example, if I were managing your business Pinterest account, I would probably ask you to invest in a Tailwind account, which would allow me to make headway in growing your account much quicker.
  4. My work practices are transparent; you always know what I am working on.
  5. You and I agree on a number of hours per month. You hire a virtual assistant for only the hours you need, and you don’t have to employ a full-time employee.
  6. I work on a retainer. This means if you hire me for 40 hours a month, at the beginning of the next month, my hours recharge to 40 again. I keep you apprised of the hours I’ve used in order that I can stay busy on your projects and use up all the hours you purchased.
  7. As an independent contractor, I am responsible for paying tax and you are not my employer.
how can a virtual assistant help me

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How my pricing works

My smallest retainer package is 10 hours a month for $330 and can offer up to 40 hours a month. If you’d like to try an hour or two first to test the waters, my rate is $45/hour.

To read more about different packages, please visit this link and click the ‘Virtual Assistance’ tab.

Seeing you succeed makes me proud

I am invested in my clients’ success. Seeing my clients shine is a win-win for me because I’ve been a part of that success. It’s very meaningful to me to be able to bring some order into my clients’ days and ultimately, support them in flourishing.

A note about security and trust

I know it may be hard to picture handing out important work to someone you don’t know well. However, in past jobs, I’ve worked with vulnerable populations (foster children, adults with developmental disabilities, and justice-involved children and adults) and I’ve learned how to maintain my clients’ privacy.

Additionally, I take online security seriously and I’d be happy to tell you more about how I safeguard your sensitive information.

Since I am an independent contractor, I have a level of flexibility that big firms might not be able to offer. I can add a non-disclosure to my contract, or other pertinent details that make you feel secure in our relationship.

how can a virtual assistant help me

You don’t have a lot to lose

Are you ready to get started? Try my services for an hour or two, or speak to me about any concerns you have. I’m ready to get started supporting your business growth.

I’d love to talk about what tasks you are ready to delegate. I offer a free 30-minute video or phone conversation in order to discuss your needs, and find out whether or not we would be a fit to work together. You can sign up for a free consultation here.