Ready to stretch your ideas further?

Content repurposing can get more eyes on your message.

You have a big, beautiful mission – you just don’t always have the time or the words to communicate it in a powerful, intentional way that grabs your client’s attention…and trust.

You know that sharing your creative ideas establishes thought leadership. But…you just don’t have the time to write 10,000 words a day. (Who does?!)

Let’s find the meaningful stories in your content and repackage them in an impactful, heart-forward way.

Willow holding a red camera

So, how’s this work?

You send me 4 audio or video clips per month and I create 30 compelling pieces of content you can share the next month. Easy peasy.


Here’s everything you get:


Writing Icon - Two helpful & SEO-friendly blogs

Two helpful & SEO-friendly blogs

Using your source materials, we’ll develop two comprehensive, informative SEO-optimized blog posts to help your audience find you – organically.

envelope icon - Four engaging emails

Four engaging emails

Two equally awesome options: Keep your email subscribers engaged or drive traffic to your blog. Or…both!

Instagram icon Twelve social media captions

Twelve social media captions

Adapted from your source material, these captions speak to your expertise and know-how and start a deep conversation with your ideal client.

Twelve aesthetic and engaging social media graphics

Twelve aesthetic and engaging social media graphics

Using quotes, tips, or visuals that educate and entertain, pair these with your captions to build an impactful presence on social media.

Analytics report icon

Analytics report

I’ll use this overview of last month’s content across channels  to inform our next steps.

phone icon Monthly 60-minute strategy call

Monthly 60-minute strategy call

This monthly call will be an opportunity to hear more about your upcoming marketing goals, and I’ll develop content ideas around them. Plus, we’ll talk about what’s going well and what needs work.

tablet icon Comprehensive questionnaire

Comprehensive questionnaire

This will be the basis to understanding your marketing needs.

Brand voice style guide

Brand voice style guide

Developing this guide will keep your marketing cohesive and really sounding like you.

thinking icon Kickoff brainstorming meeting

Kickoff brainstorming meeting

We’ll use this meeting to generate creative ideas for the next 3 months.

hand holding heart icon Creative and high touch organizational support

Creative and high touch organizational support

I support you in bringing your great ideas and expertise into an engaging and easy-to-follow marketing plan.

Optional services

video icon Optional video support

Video support

For an additional fee, I’ll help you create Reels or Pinterest Idea Pins to create more connections and welcome viewers into your community. I’ll take care of everything – all you’ve gotta do is film!

Make more out of your unique expertise 

You give me four source audio or video materials by the second of the month. I transcribe and study your materials to create compelling content that speaks to your unique expertise,  By the end of the month, you’ll receive 30 compelling pieces of content all ready to go out!

Content Repurposing $1190/mo.

Let’s find your meaningful stories and repackage them in an impactful, heart-forward way.

Want more support?

I got you.

Don’t love formatting, drafting, or scheduling?

You’ve learned from experience that sharing to Facebook, posting to Instagram, formatting, and scheduling blog posts takes *so much time.*

Pair this service with Content Repurposing and rest assured your content gets posted as planned.

The best part? You’re not the one doing it.

Take scheduling off your schedule.


Calendar icon

Ready to take scheduling off your list?

Content Repurposing + Scheduling $1890/mo.

Don’t let formatting, editing, drafting, scheduling dominate your calendar. Hand it off to me and take your time back.

Looking for a deeper connection with your audience?

Relationship building will help you have meaningful conversations with your clients – and ensure they’re interacting with a real, live (funny, friendly, kind!) person.

 If you want to keep the conversation with your audience flowing but would really rather not endlessly scroll Instagram and Facebook or get lost in your inbox for hours, let me help you introduce the real “you” to your audience.

Unplug while I build true connections and genuine relationships with your audience.

Talking head communication icon

Content Repurposing + Scheduling + Relationship Building = totally covered! 2290/mo.

People buy from people they know, like, and trust. But messaging and commenting and responding to emails takes time. And you have other stuff to do, dammit.

All packages include a clear, easy-to-follow plan, based on your preferences

Whether you’re just starting out in the digital marketing world or you’ve been handling it all for a while but your efforts feel scattered, I’ll help you develop a clear plan going forward.


Each package offers creative and high-touch organizational support to bring your great ideas and expertise into an engaging and easy-to-follow marketing plan.

Together, we’ll get to the heart of your business and marketing goals, and then create an organized workflow.

This includes:

-A comprehensive questionnaire I’ll use to understand your marketing needs

-A brand voice style guide

-A kickoff brainstorming meeting to generate ideas for the next 3 months

These ideas, sorted by category, and assigned publishing dates, will then be ready to import into your planning software.

-A simple, organized content calendar that allows you to know what source material you need to find in your library or create from scratch each month

owner of willow paule creative

Hi, I’m Willow,

a content creator and photographer with a passion for using language in an intentional, clear, heartfelt way.

As a world traveler and expat, I’ve cultivated a deep understanding of and respect for world cultures that pervades every blog, email, and social media post I create. You could say I’m anti-cookie cutter. That’s why everything I create for my clients is customized to their unique message and point of view.

My goal is always to tell your story and share your purpose in a distinct, creative way so you can have more: more leads, more connections, more time – to focus on your business, your big goals, and (most importantly) time away from your computer.

What it’s like to work with me:

Working with Willow has been amazingly simple! She is highly skilled and has such a beautiful heart to serve her clients with excellence. Her response times are amazing and she maintains a very open line of communication no matter what is going on or where she is working. I have full confidence in Willow – no matter what we have handed her, she has been a dream to work with! I would happily recommend her to anyone needing an incredible teammate!”

-Tracy H., agent

“Willow has done editing and proofreading work of the content for one of my premium online coaching products and our collaboration was smooth and pleasant from day one. She was very professional and reliable at every stage of the project – despite tight deadlines she delivered everything on time and the quality of her work was second to none. She was perfect at managing the fine line between ensuring content flow and maintaining my own tone of voice. She kept a close eye on consistency and readability of the text and her comments were always spot-on. I felt she really made the effort to understand the subject matter and turn sometimes complex concepts into a simpler, readable copy that a reader can relate to. I recommend Willow to anyone who is looking for a professional, highly skilled yet empathetic and approachable editor, proofreader and copywriter who really cares about the quality of your content while keeping in mind the way the world might receive it.”

-Anna K., transformational coach


What type of source material do you accept for content repurposing?

I find that video and audio content are rich sources for repurposing. This can be content that was already created for your audience, or content you specifically create for my use. As such, it could be an imperfect voice note that speaks to your expertise with a lot of great content to use for blogs, email marketing and social media.

If you’d like to talk about using a different type of source content, take advantage of my no strings attached 30-minute consultation to speak with me.

How long is this commitment to work together?

In most cases, it takes about 3 months to gain momentum from our content repurposing and relationship-building efforts. We also spend quite a bit of time upfront getting to know you and your business so we can do our best work for you. That’s why our contracts are 90-day commitments. You can send written notice that you’d like to cancel (email is fine) at least 15 days before the end of the then-current 90-day term. Of course, we hope you’ll have such a good experience, you’ll won’t consider that.

How can I be sure that my information is secure?

I use a system called LastPass to store your login credentials to social media and other online programs. I don’t share your business information with anyone.

How can I pay you?

I accept major credit cards, ACH bank transfer (in the US), PayPal and TransferWise payments.

Do you know how to use X software, platform, app?

Here’s the technology I use to tell your story:

Photoshop & Canva for photo editing and content creation

MailChimp and other email marketing platforms

Trello, Asana, Google Calendar and GSuite for project management

Planoly and Later for Instagram

Buffer for social media scheduling

WordPress for basic web design and blogging

Don’t see your software, platform, or app on the list? That’s okay. I’m a fast learner and can get up to speed on new technologies quickly.