Everyone takes lots of photos nowadays–what we used to call snapshots.

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Create a compelling photo story in one week

This course will help you develop a plan for your photo story, and help hone your photographer’s eye. 

Perhaps you want to create more truthful and visually engaging photographs? Having worked as a photographer for more than a decade, I’ve developed systems to help you do that and I share them on my blog. 

Would you like to learn what it means to be an intentional and vulnerable photographer? Read “What does it mean to be a vulnerable photographer?”

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I’m based in the US and Asia. My photographs have been used by news outlets such as The Jakarta Post and Inside Indonesia and nonprofit organizations like Scientists Without Borders, Kopernik, Phoenix Collegiate Academy and Jeju Furey, among others. And, my images have been exhibited in the US, Germany, and Indonesia.

about willow paule

My work with people of diverse backgrounds in the social service and education sectors informs and inspires my photographic and teaching work.

 Through my photography, I aim to tell the intimate stories of everyday people and their extraordinary lives. Also, I get the chance to explore my interest in documenting people who have been affected by institutions including prison and child protective services.

I received a BFA with a concentration in photography and a certificate in Southeast Asian Studies from Arizona State University in 2004. I am a Fulbright alumna and teach in the US, in Asia, and on the web.

Photography, connection, heart. Join me.