hand-painted T-shirts fine art

This shirt is sold, but a few others remain–not for long, though!

Buy one-of-a-kind T-shirts & original photography for the holidays

Just in time for the holidays, I’d love to tell you about some unique gifts I’m offering for sale. Unique in the sense that you will not find these gifts anywhere else. These hand-painted T-shirts and fine art photographs from my collection will make your friends and family very happy. (All products are available for shipping in the U.S.)

A limited quantity of hand-dyed T-shirts made by Indonesian artisans are still available on my website

So, you’ve never thought about buying a hand-dyed, hand painted T-shirt by an Indonesian artisan? That’s ok. Once you’ve read about these, you’ll be craving the feel of one against your skin, or be wanting to buy one for a dear friend.

There are only 7 shirts left for sale (see them at the bottom of this page), and each is one-of-kind wearable art made by two Indonesian artists. I bought three for myself, and I wear mine often. The fabric, which is a blend of cotton and bamboo, is breathable and soft. Additionally, the colors have stayed vibrant since I bought the shirts despite the fact I wear them weekly.

I bought these T-shirts up-front from the Indonesian artists, which helped them continue their creative work at the time. Now, when you buy the hand-painted T-shirts from me, it helps me continue moving forward on my photography projects.

Read more about the artists below in my shop.

Archival-quality original wall art

Are you interested in collecting beautiful wall art? During this holiday season, I am offering three fine art photographs from my collection (see them in my store below).

I took all three photographs in Asia. Foliage shows the lushness of my surroundings in Bali, Indonesia as I visited a few years back. Balinese dancer was taken on the same trip, as I watched a beautiful performance of the Kecak dance in candlelight. My photo Cloudy window documents the elaborate reflection I saw in the window of an abandoned building on Jeju Island, South Korea.

All three images are available from 4×6 inches to 16×20 inches on archival quality paper. Contact me to inquire about ordering a different size. These prints are ready to be displayed with clips, a frame, glass, or whatever method you choose.

My lab uses archival quality papers which should last more than 100 years in a typical home display. The paper they use has brilliant image quality and boasts vivid yet accurate color representation.

If you decide to order, know that you will be supporting a working artist.

hand-painted T-shirts fine art

Bamboo panels

My archival-quality photographic prints are also available on bamboo panels. The image is mounted onto an eco-friendly ¾” solid bamboo board.

Each bamboo panel is finished with a smooth and distinctive edge that has a carved out keyhole on the back for easy hanging. The bamboo backing is lightweight yet sturdy and offers a simple elegance to complement the image you choose.

The price you see in my shop includes both the print and the bamboo panel, mounted and ready to hang.

As you click through my shop (below), please contact me if you have encounter any problems.

How your purchase will support my work

Lately, I’ve been looking for a unique space in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to show my project documenting formerly incarcerated Indonesians. Aside from the photographs, I hope to add a performance component. The exhibit won’t be one to miss.

Funds from T-shirt and fine art photography sales will help me print and frame photographs for the upcoming show, rent an exhibit space, and publicize the event.

I am also in the process of photographing two other projects. In one, I am documenting Indonesian foreign workers in South Korea and their recollections of home. In the other, I’m focusing on interfaith marriage in Indonesia.

Your purchases help me raise travel costs, allow me time to edit my photographs, and occasionally help me pay entry fees for exhibits and grants.

Alternatively, if you’d like to contribute funds directly for my photography work, please follow this link, or see my shop below. My ongoing documentary photo projects address contemporary world issues in personal, street-level terms. Your support helps underwrite the work.

Finally, I know your loved ones will be incredibly happy with these unique gifts! Thank you for your interest and support of my mission.