mother-daughter-still-film class

Working against a deadline in film class

July 18, 2016

Does a firm deadline help you finish a project? It does for me. I am taking a film class, and suddenly, our end-of-class projects are due. It is a summer class, so we only had 10 weeks total. Despite knowing the schedule (mostly) from the beginning, I feel overloaded...

expectations versus what reality brings

I’m continually learning patience

June 21, 2016

  What I’ve been thinking about this week: Expectations 1) People don’t always do what they say they will, especially WHEN they say they will. This will never not be maddening. But I can work on my reaction to this phenomenon, and not let it make me to upset....

Overcommitted or just right?

On deciding whether I am overcommitted or not: I started this blog entry and then Firefox crashed, as it often does. How frustrating. I felt unmotivated to begin writing again. I decided to take a nap and come back to it. Good call. Suffice it to say, I have...

Father-newborn-yawn-documentary photography projects

Documentary photography projects in Phoenix and a new arrival

Documentary photography projects and two Phoenix families Marilyn and her family My favorite part about documentary photography projects are the connections they help me foster with my subjects. I went to visit two of my favorite families last weekend.  Remember Marilyn? Last time I posted about her, she had a...

the truth in shades of gray

The Shadow Side; Your Truth is One-Sided

February 15, 2016

The Shadow Side; Your Truth is One-Sided Do you think the truth is in the shades of gray? I’ve been keenly aware of shadows lately, both literal and figurative. My walks around the neighborhood give me time to think about where my life is heading and about next steps....