Does a firm deadline help you finish a project?

It does for me. I am taking a film class, and suddenly, our end-of-class projects are due. It is a summer class, so we only had 10 weeks total. Despite knowing the schedule (mostly) from the beginning, I feel overloaded with work to do at the end. Since I work full time and also have on-going photography projects, balancing my time is crucial.

One of our assignments is to put together photographs in a sequence with music and narration to tell a 2-4 minute story. I overcommitted, simply because it was the only story I could think of at the moment. My story is a bit complex and putting all the photos together has become a big job. Luckily, my friend Jessica was willing to let me come back to her house countless times to get follow-up photos. Even her family got involved. I really appreciate that. (And little side-note, I’ve been working with Jessica doing creative projects since about 10 years ago.)


Still from the project I’m working on. Photo Copyright, Willow Paule Photography, 2016.

Had I thought a little harder around the time we were sharing our stories for this project, I could have used a project I’ve been meaning to create since 2014. I didn’t realize I could have used the photos and interviews I conducted for the project. But hopefully, through this process of putting everything together, I will become more well-versed with the software and be able to apply my skills to the other project, as I hope to. And it’s been a good excuse to spend time with Jessica and her family.

What are you working on currently? Leave me a comment about it!

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