Documentary photography projects and two Phoenix families

Marilyn and her family

My favorite part about documentary photography projects are the connections they help me foster with my subjects. I went to visit two of my favorite families last weekend.  Remember Marilyn? Last time I posted about her, she had a large pregnant belly. Now her boy has been born, and he is squirmy and very alive. Marilyn and her husband, Tony, are very much in love with him. As I arrived and sat down on the couch, Marilyn immediately put him in my arms. He told me he enjoys milk, sleep, mom, dad, and brother. I was in awe of his squirmy handsomeness, and adorable double chin.

His older brother wanted to show me and his neighbor-friend his new sports car. Although it was hot outside, we headed out to see his driving skills. It turns out, he is a dare-devil and enjoys bashing into stationary targets like dumpsters, other (adult-sized) cars, or not so-stationary targets like Auntie Willow. Needless to say, his friend was not impressed with his motor vehicle skills. His mother had to drive his car back home. He did not let his driving faux pas make him embarrassed, however, and enjoyed playing in the house.

Jessica and her family

The next day, I dropped by Jessica’s place where everyone was staying cool inside. Jessica was making potato salad and her family was watching a movie. Cristian, Jessica’s husband, and I were talking about negative job experiences we had encountered. In passing, I mentioned a problem with my car blinkers and he offered to fix them. I get treated well over there. Aside from the fun of photographing everyone, I feel invested in their lives and strongly connected to the family.

documentary photo project-cristianJessica makes potato salad

If you are interested in seeing more photographs of both families, check out my longform project on this website. Both women have faced remarkable hurdles, and I look up to them, despite them being younger than me.

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