What I’ve been thinking about this week:


1) People don’t always do what they say they will, especially WHEN they say they will. This will never not be maddening. But I can work on my reaction to this phenomenon, and not let it make me to upset. When it starts annoying me, I try to think about the things I need to work on.


2) I love sleep but I also love staying up late at night. Unfortunately, I prefer mornings spent in bed, but that is not possible with a full time job and photography and film work. Last night, I chose finishing my homework but also two Tarantino films and then set my alarm wrong. I’m not perfect.

Leaning In

3) Sticking with something when it’s not necessarily “polite” or “normal” is hard for me. I think that’s what scares me about journalism. I don’t enjoy ruffling feathers or drawing attention to myself. But sometimes it worth it, when you want something really bad.


4) I’ve learned from experience to be very organized with my photographic libraries. But sometimes, I wish I were more damn organized! Yesterday, I spent hours trying to find a certain session, and was not successful.

What are you thinking about this week? Leave me a comment below!

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