A limited quantity of hand-dyed T-shirts made by Indonesian artisans are still available on my website

So, you’ve never really thought you wanted a hand-dyed, hand painted T-shirt by an Indonesian artisan? That’s ok. Once you’ve read about these, you will be sure to crave the feel of one against your skin.

There are only 7 shirts left for sale, and each is one-of-kind, wearable art. I love the shirts I purchased and I wear mine often. The fabric, which is a blend of cotton and bamboo, is breathable and soft. Additionally, the colors have stayed vibrant since 2014 when I first bought the shirts despite the fact I wear them weekly.

I bought these T-shirts up-front from the two Indonesian artists, which helped them continue their creative work, at the time. When you buy the hand-painted T-shirts from me, it helps me continue moving forward on multiple photography projects. I recently finished editing my project documenting formerly incarcerated Indonesians and I’m hoping to show it soon publicly. I am also working on a long form project documenting women who have aged out of foster care. Funds from T-shirt sales will help me print and frame photographs for upcoming shows and pay for entry fees for exhibits and grants.

Thank you for your interest and support of my mission. Read more about the artists herePlease contact me if you have any questions about the shirts, or experience any problems ordering your shirt!



Source: New Stuff