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‘Criminal’ Illustrator Julienne Alexander on how variety keeps her creative

I’m thrilled to share this inspiring interview with Criminal Podcast illustrator Julienne Alexander. She talks about how working on varied projects helps her stay motivated, creative and productive. Learn more below: Can you remember an instance where you first knew you were a creative person? What were you doing?...


How collaboration became more important than the limelight, interview with Musician Josh Urban

Interview with Musician Josh Urban Enjoy this interview with musician and educator, Josh Urban. In our conversation, he spoke about how his collaboration with people on the street was a conscious choice and a change from his previous more traditional approach to performance. It was hard for him to...


Gory Exercises in Creativity, Interview with Cassandra Sechler

October 19, 2016

Artist interview with horror film director Cassandra Sechler How do you express your creativity? How did you become interested in your creative practice? I have various outlets for my creativity. I love being involved with film/camera work, photography, spfx makeup, lighting, wardrobe, painting, design, sculpture, writing, acting, drawing, poetry,...

Tommy-Kim-grandmother-writer interview

Writer Tommy Kim, “Makes connections between ideas no matter how strange”

September 15, 2016

Enjoy this interview with creative writer, Tommy Kim. Do you consider yourself “creative?” How do you express that creativity? Depending on the crowd, the word “creative” could either be a flattering comment on one’s unique view of the world, or it could be meant as a pejorative, as if...


Annie Tucker re: artistry in translation and Indonesia’s “crazy brilliant diversity”

August 18, 2016

Enjoy this interview with translator and dancer, Annie Tucker. Annie, did you grow up around people who valued creativity and creative expression? Yes, very much so. My dad had a day job but was always sculpting in his free time, mostly wood and stone, usually abstract animal and human...